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At Jones County Junior College, we want every coach and athlete to have the opportunity to experience a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We seek to give this opportunity in many ways...

Team Huddles. A Team Huddle is a time for just members of that team to have Prayer, Bible Study, and Discussion. Jones has at least 8 active Team Huddles.

Multi-Sport Huddles. There will be 2 Multi-Sport Huddles at Jones, one open to everyone once week, and another of hand selected leaders from each team. The Lead Team Huddle will weekly challenge athletic leaders to lead their teams from inside the locker room.

Coach's Huddle. Each week, our coaches meet for Prayer, Bible Study, and Discussion.

Bibles. Every athlete and coach is offered a Free FCA Bible.

Camps. Every Spring, our athletes are given the opportunity to participate in College Getaway, a camp just for the college athlete. They are challenged and encouraged in their faith and influence on campus. Our FCA Leaders also receive numerous opportunities to lead Huddles in Camps in FCA.

Mission Projects. Each month, Jones FCA will facilitate at least 2 mission projects to either North Street Community Mission in Ellisville or Batson Children's Hospital in Jackson. These are opportunities to live out their faith.

Christmas Party. In December, Jones will host our County-Wide Christmas party. Jones Teams will adopt underprivileged children from around Jones County and give them Christmas.

Mission Trips. Jones FCA will facilitate 3 weeks worth of mission trips to Spanish Wells, Bahamas where they will minister to Haitian Refugees with The Living Stone Ministry.

Jacob Cunningham

Area Representative, Jones/Covington
Campus Director, JCJC

Jacob Cunningham serves as the FCA Campus Director at Jones. He graduated from high school in 2016, and then went on to earn an associate degree at Meridian Community College. Jacob has been with FCA all throughout high school, and started out as an intern for MCC and during his internship he felt the Lord lead him to work full time for FCA.

Now Jacob, who recently married his childhood sweetheart Lauryn, covers Jones and Covington Counties while still being the Campus Director at Jones Community College. He loves Jesus and sports, and is passionate about making the two collide.