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These Non-Mandatory Opportunities Include...

  • FCA Leadership Retreat for USM Football
  • FCA Pregame Football Rally for area schools in September
  • FCA Team Bible Studies for all sports led by volunteer character coaches
  • FCA Campus Huddle (Tuesday nights @ 8pm, Duff Athletic Center)
  • FCA Camps (College Getaway, FCA Leadership Camp)
  • FCA sponsored local mission opportunities for student-athletes

The  goal of the Southern Miss Chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is to lead the needed conversation for the need of faith and athletics on campus through a diverse and year round schedule of events and ministry opportunities.


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The hope of FCA at Southern Miss is to be a partner in helping the most influential campus in South Mississippi continue to be a leader in building young people both on the field...and off.

Our team includes Southeast MS Multi-Area Director Mitchell Williams, also serving as USM Campus Director and volunteer character coach for the Southern Miss football team, along with current volunteer FCA staff, Justin and Krista Welford.  Multiple FCA volunteers help support the efforts of FCA on campus, along with some of the best student-athletes anywhere who serve as team leaders.

To help financially support our efforts at Southern Miss, click on "Donate" at the top right of this page or if you would like more information, call the Southeast Mississippi FCA office at 601-543-7428.